Dear customers,

As part of our services, we provide for and arrange certain events for our visitors, ranging from business meetings and dinners to pool parties with accommodation. Due to these possibilities, we made a list of events and services that we can provide and arrange for You.

  1. One day events:

    - Private celebrations [anniversaries, retirement celebrations with waiter service, catering etc. - arrangeable];
    - Presentations [with waiter service, catering, snacks, drinks, presentation equipment, presentation hall etc. - arrangeable];
    - Dinners, gatherings and cocktails [ with waiter service, catering, open bar, banquet etc. - arrangeable];
    - Similar smaller events can be arranged; specifications required!
    - Events may last in the interval from 12:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.
    - Guest list must be provided
    - Charged per hour [ 2 hours minimum]
    *note – events without audio equipment for parties, music volume restrictions.

  2. Renting the entire Villa for overnight stay:

    - 25 persons max;
    - Usage of all spaces, rooms and features meant for guests [pool, garden, yard, parking, guest rooms, lobby etc.];
    - Full privacy during the stay;
    - Reception desk staff and security guard available;

  3. Renting the entire Villa for celebrations:

    - 130 persons max
    - Big celebrations [birthdays, weddings etc.]
    - Full privacy during the event;
    - Reception desk staff and security guard available
    - Waiter service, food, drinks etc. [arrangeable]

For all the information about pricing, additional services and arrangements, feel free to contact us!